Why Turnout Rugs Matter

Why Turnout Rugs Matter

Horse owners find turnout rugs to be very useful. They give a horse many advantages and comfort. The­se rugs are meant for outdoor use­ during turnout or grazing. They protect the horse­ from the weather while still le­tting it move freely. 

Here are some reasons why turnout rugs are good:

Guard Against Weather: Turnout rugs are­ mainly used to keep the­ horse safe from bad weathe­r, like rain, wind, and cold. The rugs are wate­rproof and block out the wind. This keeps the horse­ dry and warm and helps to decrease­ issues that can come from too much exposure­ to bad weather. Added insulation to the turnout rugs used in areas that are colder than others, can offer extra warmth to ensure that a horse feels comfortable even when it is extremely cold.

Damage to the coat: Turnout rugs may prevent a horse’s coat from becoming damaged due to being continuously exposed to rain and mud. Also, if wetted or soiled with mud, the mane becomes tangled up, leading to skin problems such as rain rot or mud fever. By helping it stay dry and clean, these turnout rugs reduce the risk of coat damage. In addition, by allowing natural oils within its hair to keep its sheen and glossiness, they preserve its health.

Insect Repellency: A lightweight turnout rug is designed with insect-repellant features such as built-in neck covers and belly flaps that keep flies, mosquitoes, and other pests away from horses. The irritation that comes with bug bites makes horses fussy, thus causing them skin problems. Turnout rugs containing measures against insects make outdoor spaces feel more comfortable so horses can graze peacefully without constant pestering.

Muscle Warmth and Support: In colder weather, turnout rugs help to maintain muscle warmth. When horses are left outside without adequate protection, it might become too cold that the muscles tighten up and become stiff, thereby increasing the risks of strains and injuries. They keep muscles relaxed and supple by insulation and body temperature regulation, resulting in less probability of workout-related injury from turnout.

Durable Construction: A lightweight turnout rug is made using materials such as ballistic nylon or ripstop polyester, ensuring long-lastingness and resistance to rips and scratches. The durability of this rug is increased through reinforced stitching and fastenings that are strong enough to stay intact during outdoor use, even when used by active horses. A good quality turnout rug will serve you for many seasons, providing dependable protection against the elements.

UV Protection: Some turnout rugs such as weatherbeeta fly rug are made of UV-reflective or UV-blocking materials to protect the horse’s skin from the harmful effects of sunshine on the coat and skin. When horses with light-colored or pinkish skin stay long under the sun, they develop sunburns, coats may bleach, and, in some cases, even skin cancer. Horses with sensitive skin or that get burnt easily benefit from a turnout rug with UV protection because it minimizes sun damage.

Customizable Fit: Turnout rugs are manufactured in different sizes and styles to suit different breeds and body types of horses. To prevent slipping or shifting while moving about, many of these rugs have adjustable straps, surcingles, and leg straps for secure fitting. The correct fit of a turnout blanket ensures that the horse is well covered without any restrictions on its movement, allowing it to graze naturally and interact socially with other horses.

Final Thoughts

Generally, turnout rugs including weatherbeeta fly rug play a critical role in relation to horses’ health, comfort, and performance during outdoor turnouts. They do this by giving protection from elements, preventing hair damage, and repelling bugs, including supporting muscle warmth, offering UV protection, ensuring durability, and allowing customizable fit, making them suitable for all weather conditions and environments, enhancing happiness and wellbeing for all horses.