Mastering the Art of Selectivity: Jos Buttler’s Calculated Approach to the Trademark Scoop Shot

In a scintillating start to the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 season, Jos Buttler showcased his exceptional batting skills, leading the Rajasthan Royals to a resounding victory over hosts Sunrisers Hyderabad. While Buttler’s trademark scoop shot was conspicuously absent in his explosive knock, the England white-ball captain revealed that he has not fallen out of love with the shot but has become more selective about when to play it. Let’s delve into the thrilling match and understand Buttler’s mindset behind his modified approach.

Selective Execution of the Scoop Shot

Buttler’s trademark scoop shot has captivated crowds with its audacity and remarkable effectiveness. Despite its popularity, Buttler clarified that he had not abandoned the shot; instead, he has become more discerning about its execution. During a conversation with teammate Yuzvendra Chahal, Jos Buttler revealed that he reserves the scoop shot for moments when he feels 100% confident and when the match situation necessitates it. This strategic approach showcases Buttler’s ability to adapt to varying circumstances and make calculated decisions, ensuring that the shot retains its impact while minimizing unnecessary risks. Buttler maximizes its potential to contribute to his team’s success by carefully selecting when to play the scoop shot.

Importance of a Clear Mind

The English batsman attributed his success in the IPL to playing with a clear mind. Buttler’s decision not to play the scoop shot in the recent match was based on the match scenario and his instinctual judgment. He believed it was unnecessary to attempt the shot on that occasion, showcasing his adaptability and strategic thinking on the field.

Rajasthan’s Top Order Dominates

In a powerful display of batting prowess, Rajasthan’s top three batters, Jos Buttler, Yashasvi Jaiswal, and skipper Sanju Samson, delivered exceptional performances, smashing half-centuries to set a commanding total of 203-5 against Sunrisers Hyderabad. The destructive partnership between Buttler and Jaiswal, worth 85 runs, set the stage for Rajasthan’s dominant position in the match.

Buttler’s Brilliant Knock

Jos Buttler‘s exceptional knock of 54 runs off just 22 balls was a sight to behold. Despite his explosive batting style, one aspect that stood out was the absence of his high-risk, high-reward scoop shot. After being awarded the Player of the Match, Buttler revealed his mindset in a post-match video, discussing his approach to the shot and why he refrained from attempting it in the game against Sunrisers. Buttler’s incredible form at the top of the batting order is crucial for the Rajasthan Royals. It is significant for England’s aspirations to retain their 50-overs World Cup title in India later this year. 


Jos Buttler’s modified approach to his favourite scoop shot reflects his maturity as a batsman. While fans eagerly await the next time he unleashes this bold stroke, Buttler’s selective execution demonstrates his ability to adapt to different match situations and make calculated decisions. As the IPL 2023 season progresses, Buttler’s exceptional performances will keep the cricketing world captivated, while his contribution to the Rajasthan Royals’ success remains pivotal.