Argentina are World Champions! France fall at the final hurdle

Argentina are World Champions! France fall at the final hurdle

In what will surely become a match for the ages, Argentina has beaten France in penalty shooutouts (4-2) to clinch their third World Cup. The first half saw Argentina dominating the game, leading 2-0 after 36 minutes, while the French team did not seem to find a way to create chances.

Argentina looked set to win the match comfortably having a two-goal lead, before falling apart in the final minutes of the second half. Mbappé converted a penalty in the 80th minute, before scoring again a minute later to tie the match and send it to extra time.

It had already been a thrilling clash between the two best teams in world football, and extra time just added to the mix. Lionel Messi’s effort in the 108th minute was awarded a goal after what must have been an eternity for Argentinian fans who were anxiously waiting for the VAR review. The emotions would not end there, though, as France was awarded a penalty after a handball, which would later be converted by Kylian Mbappé, the PSG player getting a hat-trick in the process.

After an astounding last minute save by Damián “Dibu” Martínez, the game was to be decided in a good ol’ nerve-wracking penalty shootout. Argentina eventually won 4-2, after 2 failed attempts by Bayern Munich’s Kingsley Coman and Real Madrid’s Aurélien Tchouaméni. Argentina became 3 times World Champion, lead by none other than Lionel Messi, who can now put the elusive World Cup in his resumée to reaffirm he is the greatest of all time.


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